Life is best when filled with great design. Beyond useful. These design objects give meaning to a space, creating a spark to one’s emotions. More a work of art than simply a desk, the Air surface is so amazingly thin that it appears to float on air.  The world’s thinnest desk surface is made from anodized aluminum and measures just ¼ inch.  Seeing one should invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art.

Four microprocessor-controlled lifting columns arranged in a unique 45 degree geometry offer a visual cue of increased potential.  To maximize strength, the Air surface is machined from a solid piece of recycled aluminum. A thin layer of tempered glass delivers stunning visual depth and light refraction.  With four powerful lifting columns set to each outside corner and a capacity of 630 lbs, Air Pro holds the title of the most stable and most powerful electric desk ever created.

Driven by an obsessive attention to detail, the Patent Pending Air places emphasis on essential appeal, practicality and design free of any superfluous decoration.  Air offers over a dozen user-centric options including integrated cable management, cordless/battery power, and front panel connectivity.